Month: April 2016

Can Sugar Help Cultivate Cannabis?

Sugar-helps-grow-cannabisIt is highly debated among cannabis cultivators as to whether or not sugars help the marijuana plant grow better. There are many different sugary products on the market that you can buy to feed your marijuana plant, but do they actually work? Well, this video is all about proving that they do work!

In a recent experiment, a grower used brown sugar water to feed his marijuana plants. The results are obvious in just one night.

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The DEA Will Soon Decide Whether it Will Reschedule Marijuana


The government currently places marijuana in the same category as heroin and LSD.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says it will make a decision in the coming months that could prove to be a watershed moment for the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

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Seeds 101: Sexing Your Sprouts


Ok, so you’ve found the perfect seeds and you’ve sprouted your plants. What’s next? If you’re growing from seed rather than from a clone, you’ll need to pay attention to the sex of your plants.


Female plants are what we typically cultivate for consumable marijuana. Male plants are often saved for breeding and seed creation purposes. Here’s a very simple way to sex your sprouts before they get too old.

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